Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A big birthday, too.   I made my way to Chicago to spend some time with Steve and Cecily....who kept welcoming me to my 'Seventh Decade'.   Wow - really?  That seems like a lot and it really couldn't apply to me.  Or - could it?
In one of the most delightful kitchens anywhere - there was a Happy Birthday banner!  How cool!  How kind!  How thoughtful!

Ellie the Dog (ETD) tucks herself neatly out of the way under the windows but has instant view of everyone, especially the Love of her Life, Cecily!
Ellie does have some.....confidence...issues....

I don't know....are you sure it is ok if I am here?  Absolutely sure?
Thank you but I don't want to look over there....at the scary lady with the camera....I will just look at you with adoration.
TA DA!!!  
Everyone is smiling
Thank you, Steve and Cecily!  I endlessly treasure your friendship and your kindness!!!!
See you at the Olive Festival next year!
The End


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