Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Summertime!

The weather continues to be beautiful....dry, no rain, hot...but beats the heck out of ice and snow. I will want to remember these pictures in the next 6 months or so. Patty very kindly made a birthday lunch for me and Rose and Mary actually got to be there. It was wonderful. I don't like lasagna or pasta but this lasagna is in a class of it's own. It is Patty's mother's recipoes and more of a confection of some sort...delish...and thank you, Patty! After lunch I got a picture of Patty surveying her domain...


The sunshine continued, I got a very strange picture of a backyard cardinal....he looks almost like a plastic cardinal. All of the pictures I am posting today were taken with an iPad - I am not very good at it yet. Not sure an iPad makes an adequate camera. croppedcardinal3

Another birdy group hanging out


And a very drowsy, somewhat hazy picture of the backyard today. It was 96 today, going to be 98 tomorrow!

Summertime is the best!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Time!

It's going to be hot here this weekend, just in time for the Indy 500 race where lots of drunk race fans will need medical attention! So very happy not to be there! Meanwhile, Mini is practicing her basking in the sun:

Red Bellied Woodpecker is wondering if he can sneak back up on the feeder and grab that peanut he has his eye/beak on

The birds are coming in for a fast landing in the backyard! ClearedForLanding

Downy Woodpecker is happy to have the suet all to himself

Indigo Bunting and Tufted Titmouse share a feeder. Blue Bunting is, thankfully, in somewhat better focus after many many tries! That really is Bunting's beak - the top part is black and the bottom is a lighter color on both male and females. P5162735-1

P5112725And I have been beading! Nothing new, Ndebele weave with an extra bead - in two color schemes of course - green/bronze/copper and silver and rainbowed gray PhotobucketSilverbracelet2-1
So - basically - nothing new! But wishing you a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Test post! Trying to learn how to post from the iPad.
Looks like I have figured out how to post and even put up a picture. Finally.
The picture quality was poor to begin with so it is not a good test of a pic! But it is the only one I have been able to get of a new visitor - an Indigo Bunting and it is that bright of a blue!
But it also flies off quickly and is hard to photograph.
I have learned it is also hard to post from an iPad and am thinking it won't happen very often!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bird Spring!

There is a lot of strange birdy activity going on out there!

Mr and Mrs Red Breasted Grossbeak have stopped by on their way to breeding grounds in Northern IndianaMr Grossbeak was posing for his pictures:MrRedthroatedGrossbeakMrRedthroatedGrossbeak5
Here is Mrs Grossbeak....very pretty as well, beautiful markings, but quite different from Mr Grossbeak
Downey Woodpecker has decided to abandon the suet he has loved so much and 'Dude, I can see myself in this shiny thing!' Cardinal boy isn't quite sure what to make of this
A Red Winged Blackbird stops by to announce his presence

And Mr and Mrs Cardinal start arguing...perhaps because Mr Cardinal was too close to Mrs Grossbeak? I think there might be baby cardinals sometime soon.
Everyone gets down to the business of emptying my birdfeeder! I have had to fill it every other day, now it looks like I will have to fill it every day. Mr Woodpecker (I've renamed him Narcissis) is still admiring his reflection. These guys need to get jobs!