Friday, August 12, 2011

Into Bhutan - exhibit

Cecily AND her wonderdog, Ellie (pictured below)
AND her faithful sidekick and love of her life .....Steve (also the love of Mini's life, what a guy!)...AND her other faithful sidekick and intrepid Bhutan trekker, Nancy....will be bringing the Into Bhutan exhibit down to the Tibetan Center here in good old Bloomington......

Just in case some of you in the local area could possibly have missed the postcards and posters I decided to reproduce one of them here:


See you there? I am looking forward to making my own prayer flags and seeing the movie 'Travelers and Magicians' again. And seeing Steve, Cec, Nancy, and Ellie, of course!

Monday, August 8, 2011

View from my office window this morning

This morning I took a screenshot from my webcam that sits in my office window:
Looks very nice! And today might be the first day under 90 since 20 days ago!
Now - all we need is rain! Lots of rain.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

For the Beady Eyed Bunch

Ndebele....still Ndebele. Since the Beady-Eyed Bunch has settled on round Ndebele for our next gathering I decided to do a little practice. The round stitch isn't hard, a little harder than flat but quickly learned. It's the completion of the darned thing that is tricky! I gave the 'invisible join' another go. I hadn't made a perfect one yet so decided to use size 10 Delicas - they are bigger and I can get to the join faster! I finished this one in the middle of July and have been just looking at it for the last several weeks.....after all of that work I still have one more chance to ruin it with the join!
I took a picture of it today - before I started the join. At least I would have the memory of it if my attempt didn't work!
It has been looking at me....I have been looking at it....finally I brewed a strong cup of coffee then got out the instructions and gave it yet another try. It's hard - at least for me. The instructions take you step by step but I get lost somewhere in there. I look forward to one of the Beady Eyed Beaders clarifying things for me!

So ------ did I manage to make the perfect join?

Happy Days!!!! And the sun broke through the clouds and shined on me and my new creation! Whew! Bonani - please tell me again about these crazy ladies? How did they ever come up with such a stitch!? And they are Zulu? I sure would like to talk to one!
A close up:

And yet another project finished today - this is just a simple stitch...very simple...very boring...OMG, so boring...tri-stitch but it makes a nice and simple necklace.
A dear friend of mine has admired the bead - she said it looked like metal. So it might make it's way to her house.

That is all for now! Happy Beading!