Sunday, July 14, 2013

So far - so good!  I did go back and put up some clearer pictures on yesterday's post.

I know I have pictures on my camera I haven't downloaded but I will save that for another day.   Meanwhile....Spring arrived!
And along with Spring arrives the red-winged blackbird who fearlessly dominates the feeders.....all of the other birds find somewhere else to be when they see his willingness to use that sharp beak!   I used to really like seeing the red-winged black birds arrive....I didn't know they were just bullies with pretty markings.
I got to open the window and enjoy the view from my office window!
Finally, some beading from the winter....I made a lot of the diagonal weave.  It is a very fast weave and looks very nice.  One lone little Ndebele bracelet from the winter..


So - now I will go look at what is on my camera!   So far so good with the new far...

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Testing! 1-2-3....Testing!

It has been almost 6 months ......!    I believe I caught 'blog fatigue' or something.   In that 6 months Blogger has updated and so has Photobucket.  So trying to post a few pictures to see if it even works!

This is my 3rd try:" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo Snow_zps2c6c7efa.jpeg"/>" target="_blank">
" border="0" alt=" photo SlidingBlueBirds_zps1b23ffb8.jpg"/>

I am not sure if this one will come through but I will try!  OK!  there are the Boyz!!  In January!

And Mr Red Bellied Woodpecker....he says cold!

Here is an odd looking fellow that visited this winter!   He was pretty scary - it required an immediate call to Patty to tell her that Aliens or....maybe something prehistoric with very very cold reptile eyes was here.    Apparently this is a Brown Thrasher, however.
But - speaking of prehistoric, I read in National Geographic where birds are the only living ancestors of dinosaurs.

The winter continued and even the little guys were getting mean.....ganging up on the Cardinal and wouldn't let him on the feeder

Even the little Blue Birds of Happiness weren't happy!  This poor fellow is sliding backwards and not very happy about it.

Well - I am hoping I got some pictures posted and hoping they will still be there tomorrow!  This new process has taken quite a bit of learning this evening.  Maybe more tomorrow.