Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Victory Garden!

The above is the final shot of all of our labor on Thursday. In the spirit of making sure we are doing our best with our resources, we eschewed planting flowers and focused on raising vegetables (that wouldn't surprise any of you who knew us - we like to eat and we have some darn fine cooks). We have high hopes and left work Friday afternoon after anxiously checking our plantings, breathing CO2 on them, and hoping for the best come Monday morning. I wonder if we will have sprouts peeping out to see us come back to work. Fragilia was going to come in this weekend to check on her new babies!

The little flags with our names on them are courtesy of Fragilia who was the Mom of the operation. I donated the seed kits that included a pot, seeds, and dirt! All for $1 each at good old Target - yes, they really grow.

Kathy is still in classroom orientation but we started her a pot because we thought she might like to have yet one more thing to worry about when she begins her unit orientation!

And below is our workspace! Those lateral files sure do come in handy for a lot of things. It is also our buffet table. Tina is planting her seeds and Yolonda was enjoying watching. Tina gave me the little ducky watering can some weeks ago. It doesn't have a hole in the top so the water can't splash out as I carry it. It has a hole in it's bottom. Thank you, again, Tina! You have saved a lot of people and things from getting accidentally splashed!

Anthony is giving a lot of serious attention to his planting. Oregano I think it was.
You can see the little pots lined up to the left of Anthony. They are waiting for their 'forever' home!

Bonani is getting ready to plant hers. Joe and I are in the background. When I feel like I just really have to 'supervise' someone, Joe will usually gracefully allow me to do that. It's good for my self esteem that they let me maintain the illusion that I am in charge.

Bonani is holding up the little disc of dirt that comes with the kit. Add water and it grows!

That's all for now! Think good thoughts for our plantings! With any luck we will have Basil, Chives, Oregano, Tomatoes, 1 Sunflower, 1 Zenia, and 1 Marigold. I don't know if you can eat a Zenia but you can eat the rest! Yes, Anthony and I were looking up the herbal properties of Marigolds.
Check back to see how our Victory Garden is growing!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stutz Business Center - Artist studio open house

Peggy and I visited the artist's studio open house after work yesterday evening. It was in the Stutz Business Center and, yes, it is that Stutz.

The studios were very nice - large with excellent lighting. This artist had two rooms to her studio and she let me take a picture of them. The artists who rent these studios must actually be making money!

Lots of antique cars and signs around

Nice '69 Mustang below!


Friday, April 24, 2009

Mini the Guard Dog

Mini's usual spot when the front door is open. She keeps a very good eye on the neighborhood and alerts me to each and every event, as it happens. She does a fantastic job of alerting me to the cats that stroll back and forth on the street. I do believe they do that just to make her bark!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 week old. A sweet little white boxer girl for someone!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Boxer puppies are here!

This email came from Lori this morning:
Well we started at 11:30 on the 15th and by 3:00 Treasure is the proud mama of 8 puppies! The count is...2 white girls, 1fawn boy and all the rest fawn girls. So we've named this litter Girls gone wild! A few pictures, they are nicely marked ans so cute! better pictures to come when we all get some rest! I will go to sleep now...
If only I had a bigger doggie door. And didn't commute 3 hours a day. If only...I think there would be a little white girl Boxer in my house! So it might be a very good thing that my doggie door is Chihuahua and Yorkie sized. But, you know, my friend Debbie in Quartzsite, AZ, might need a little white girl Boxer! What do you say, Deb?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Now we know it is Spring

Even with the cold and gloomy weather here in Indiana, I can now say for sure that Spring is on it's way.
Want to see more Boxers?
Check out Lori and Todd's webpage. Oh - and they are having baby boxers in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Garden

My garden is much smaller than Bob's. It fits into one window at work. But it has plenty of sunshine and high hopes. My little tomato seeds sprouted 2 seedlings over the weekend and now has 7 more! It was one of those little $1 pots and seeds at a big box store. Who knew it would really grow? The chives I bought for $1 are doing very well, too.

First, a picture of my jade plant. His name is Peter but only Fragilia knows why that might be. He has had lots of baby jade plants and there are 7 more growing in the window now. Only one baby jade is left from the original bunch of starts. The others have found their forever home. I may keep this little guy - he promises to be prolific. Kind of like Peter! Debra just adopted some basil (also below) and Baby Jade into her office in St. Louis. Ah - my two little tomato sprouts! Now there are seven. I am of the opinion that I can grow actual tomatoes in our windows at work but there are many naysayers. Only time will tell but I will keep you posted here.
I did not know that it was almost impossible to raise Rosemary from seed. Here is one little sprout out of 7 pots I tried to start.
And some darned nice looking Basil from seeds - I used the peat pots that can be planted right in the ground. Most of these will go to home on Mother's Day but I will try to raise one in the window. Who knows? Might work! It sure is liking the window so far!
A picture of my tiny little tomato and chive sprouts. Not bad for $1!

Lots more little jade plants growing.
Yes, this is where all of the excitement happens!! My little duck watering can was donated by Tina (thanks, Tina!). It has a spout in the bill but no hole in the top so water can't shake out. It is filled in the, ahem, rear part.


First - a picture of my pal, Casper, all decked out for Easter! Thanks to his Mom & Dad (Lori and Todd) for humiliating the little tyke. There are many Casper fans out there so this one is for you! It just doesn't get much better than this.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bob's Garden

Now I'm envious. Bob is in Quartzsite, AZ. and it looks like he has a very nice garden! I'm making do with my little window gardens at work but now I'm inspired to get some dry wall buckets and grow something on my deck! I don't know what Bob has in there, though. I'm hoping for some tips.


Trees are budding and plants are blooming here in Bloomington. This morning I took a picture of my one 'stand' of tulips at the corner of my garage. Usually just one lonely tulip, this year there are two. And they don't seem to have been harmed by the recent dips in temperature to freezing over the last week.