Saturday, December 14, 2013

Woodina came back!

Back to Backyard Birds!
Woodina came back again!  She posed on the suet and spent quite a bit of time looking at me through the window in my office.
What a thrill to see her so still...and big, she is really big!
I just barely captured her flying back to the woods - at the very bottom of the picture below.  She has quite the wingspan!
Downy performs the death-defying one-toed-hang

Chickadee keeps an eye on the sky for Downy.  I think they are buddies.   They put the rotten mean doves to shame.  Everyone else gets along....the doves try to peck everyone's head and make them fall off.  Darn doves.

 I hope everyone stays warm and safe in the winter weather!


Monday, December 9, 2013

And.....back to beads! We have a lost bracelet returned to home!

THIS is the bracelet I thought I had lost at the grocery store!  The first little Ndebele in this pattern I did a couple of months ago.   Amazingly, I found it with its silly magnetic closure attached to the little metal bar underneath the car seat that can be used to move the seat forward and backward.   Magnetic closures - not my friends!
The next time you see this piece there will be an artfully designed safety yet to be artfully designed.
Next up.....more of the Bobble design!  It is another one of those very soothing and simple designs but I believe I am almost to the end of my interest for awhile.  Meanwhile, this one will make its debut at the staff Christmas Party this week.  I hope it finds its forever home!
 A bracelet and matching necklace - in colors I don't usually use.  A nice change.

More Bobble ..... but a very nice bead.  These pieces are made with 4 mm Czech Fire Polish beads.
The necklace isn't quite finished but it was picture taking time it is.  Just imagine silver findings for a clasp!

And....of course, a bracelet to match.   I need to work on some earrings for these pieces some day.

A special set for a special friend....already making its snowy way to its new home!

Yes - there is a theme here - I seem to have gotten stuck on silver and black!   Here is another one - not sure how that happened.  More Czech Fire Polished in 4 mm but this time it is silver on jet.
And......this is the last pictures of the Bobble pieces!  I will let that pattern rest for awhile.  But - if ever you wanted to learn an easy pattern - I think this is it!
Next - what else?  Birds!  Yes - Woodina (it isn't a Woody, it is a Woodina) returned!