Saturday, December 14, 2013

Woodina came back!

Back to Backyard Birds!
Woodina came back again!  She posed on the suet and spent quite a bit of time looking at me through the window in my office.
What a thrill to see her so still...and big, she is really big!
I just barely captured her flying back to the woods - at the very bottom of the picture below.  She has quite the wingspan!
Downy performs the death-defying one-toed-hang

Chickadee keeps an eye on the sky for Downy.  I think they are buddies.   They put the rotten mean doves to shame.  Everyone else gets along....the doves try to peck everyone's head and make them fall off.  Darn doves.

 I hope everyone stays warm and safe in the winter weather!


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