Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jenn's Garden Party Debut!

Does it get any better than this? The sassy Italian girl from NY moves to the country and digs in! Shucks, her even bought her a shovel!

Looky here - She's even got a sexy pose going while she sweating and throwing her back out! You GO, Jen! Get those fingernails dirty! Mr Right will be sitting right there in that flower bed tomorrow morning. I am just sure of it!
Your garden is going to be so very pretty! You are doing a terrific job. Like those snazzy gloves, too! Kisses to my boy, Duke.

Beautiful Day - more work on my yard!

Lots and lots more work on my yard. I dug holes (in clay soil, mind you) yesterday for 2 Russian Sages, 7 hostas, 1 Pampas grass, 1 Clematis, and 1 Black Eyed Susan. Then toted all of that clay dirt in a bucket back to the woods and dumped it. My hunt for Korean Spice Viburnum hasn't paid off so maybe I will need to order that next year.

Off to pick up top soil and horse poop at Patty's (that's a phrase that flows - horse poop at Patty's) to make a mixture that my plants will love.

Here are some 'before' pictures - I hope they look different than the 'after' pictures!

The hostas are all going along the tree line in my back yard to keep the humongus poison ivy crop at bay. At least that is the theory. I have an overflowing Lilly of the Valley bet and will transplant some of them in front of the hostas to help stem the tide of the ivy as well.

I think I've mentioned how much I hate that box o' wood fence my neighbors put in last year. I think I'll be mentioning it many many times until I make it disappear by planting many many plants in front of it. I have put in 4 coin grasses and want the Korean Spice to go between them. Then I think a row of Russian sage at the bottom of the fence on the side facing my house will do the trick.

I will plant the Korean Spice closer to my (very nicely done) fence to create some depth and distance. Or at least that is my hope.

I am putting the Pampas grass on the other wall o' fence on the other side to the left of the green box (what the heck is that thing, anyway?) about 7 ft to the left. I am also putting in a little plot to the right of the daylillies for my sweet grass, lavender, basil, and chives. Of course, it will need to be fenced off from Rocky's 'attentions'. The wall o' fence doesn't bother me as much - I guess because it was there when I bought the house and the couple living there are very nice.

The Clematis will go on a trellis right between the two windows. I am hoping it lives - I've never raised it before. The Black Eye'd Susan will go to the right of the A/C - I had one there but it didn't make it through the winter for some odd reason - the others did! I am looking for a white fence to go around the A/C. The trellis will go in front of the hose spigot and I will move the hose holder to the right of that.

THEN - except for the Korean Spice bushes - I think I am done with the backyard until year after next. Although I always think I will take a year off but then always think of some more to plant.

One last picture of the front - I am not doing anything there except for replacing the white stone with black border. But that will be a chore! If I just get some of it pounded in before my vacation day tomorrow is over I will be happy.

Otherwise - the daylillies and hostas I planted a couple of years ago are looking good and thriving!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Puppy Pictures today!

What wonderful pictures - thank you, Lori! There is only one left and not spoken for? The little white girl with a dot on her head? Awwwww.

This picture just calls out for a caption but I can't decide!

No boys allowed!

Famous last words - "Watch this..."

Now this one I understand. Is it our naptime?

Got your tail!

I'm sorry. I promise I will be so very good if you just let me come out.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wow - the blog is still here!

I guess it is time to catch up with some pictures and events!

This evening I spoke to my friend, Karen, who isn't feeling so good. She's an incredibly strong and intelligent woman and I hate that she's going through this. Rocky had the chance to speak to her this evening and he wants her to know that he felt the exact same way a couple of weeks ago! Pictures are louder than words and Rocky wanted me to post a picture of him the day he came home from surgery on his wee-wee (ouch)! He was the picture of not feeling good:

I overheard some of their conversation and he advised Karen to focus on taking care of herself and turn her back to extraneous events that distracted her. He spent quite a bit of time looking like this:

Mini wants Karen to know she she loves her! (However, Rocky wants to let Karen know that the white rat is still tormenting him and not to pay her any attention!). Rocky is counting on Karen to give him, and only him, attention when she comes to visit. And not pay any attention to the white rat that thinks she a dog!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our plants are growing up and need to leave home soon!

Would you look at this!! I took this picture yesterday. Everyone's plant has sprouted. We have tomatoes, chives, sweet peppers, parsley, oregano, and basil. They will need to go to their 'forever homes' - or at least out of our window - this week. Now we need lessons on how to plant the crops in the ground or on their deck. I may have to hire my Mother as consultant because we really don't have much of a clue. Eyvette must have 30 tomato seedlings in that little 1 inch pot ---- what are we going to do with that? It looks like a tiny lawn!

This is the window across from my cube and my little spot for growing things. I am going to try to grow a tomato plant in the window with the goal of it actually having tomatoes. And I will keep a basil plant and a chives plant to see if I can get them to grow inside. The others will need to go somewhere else to live now. Except for the 7 baby Jade Plant starts. They are so easy to start that I am afraid that everyone at work is saturated with all of the baby Jades they can handle. Maybe I will send some home with visitors to our unit! I can surreptitiously hide one in their computer cases when they leave.
I am updating the Beady-Eyed Bunch website today as well. So if you are interested - follow the link to the right of this post!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Garden is Growing!

Eyvette had tiny little sprouts on this day - now she has an entire pot full of tomatoes!

Yolonda's looks like a tiny field of oregano

A good look at our 'plot'

Oops - they were green. I thought they were sprouts.

Madeleine and Fragilia being overachievers, like usual.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Little boxer girls! Two weeks old - awwwwww

Here are the little sweeties at two weeks old. The little girl on the right has her eyes open and looking at the camera, just like she was told to do.
Libi - wouldn't these girls make a wonderful addition to your pack? I would bring them down to you! Just let me know.
In case someone is interested in taking one of these girls home, here is Lori and Todd's website:

It seems my pal,Casper, is a bit miffed that the girls are getting all of the attention.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Crazy old lady?

Wednesday was 'National Walk at Work Day' and we participated. Fragilia and Valerie thought they would outwalk me but I left them in the dust!! The thought crosses my mind that they might have let me....but, nah, I left them in the dust!


It was wonderful to walk with them.