Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Woody Woodpecker!!!!!!!

Yes!   He came back!  I saw him about 2 years ago and not since that time.  These pictures are not clear at all - I was pretty darned excited.   I looked up from my work and there he was!  Hanging with Downy Woodpecker! I didn't have my camera set up, it wasn't on a tri-pod, no remote cable.....it wasn't even in the room.  

I very carefully and very slowly and very quietly crept from the room.....snatched up my camera and took these pictures about 3 feet from the window - free hand!   I was so excited I am amazed they aren't just one big black, red, and white blur.


Maybe I will get another chance this week - I am ready!  Camera set up, tripod, remote trigger.....check!
Here he is showing his backside - that is a big bird for a little suet cake.   I think there might be bigger suet cakes in my/his future!
Thanks, Patty.   You started all of this and now I am upgrading my suet cakes....will it never end?
Meanwhile, Woody is showing 'her' other side here....

Meanwhile....Mr. Cardinal and his sidekick, Tufted Titmouse, said they weren't impressed and just kept spitting out those millet seed hulls!

My new mission?  Get a clear shot of Woody in all of his prehistoric glory! 

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